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School Programs

Prepare your class to change the future

Human rights education is a lifelong process. Through our variously themed programs, including workshops and tours, we strive to give students the tools to help them think critically and with empathy.

Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.

Claire Fagin, nurse, educator and scholar

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Programs and Tours

Our curriculum-based school programs, available for K-12 classes, are designed to be inclusive and accessible for students of all needs and ages. Running between one and two hours, each of our programs allows students to explore and discuss human rights issues through hands-on learning and activities, followed by a visit to galleries and exhibits that reflect their lessons. We also offer tours, which allow students to explore the Museum’s highlights and specific themes.

Programs and tours are offered every morning and afternoon, from Tuesday to Friday until May 25, 2018, and from Monday to Friday, May 28 to June 29, 2018. Please note that the Museum is closed most Mondays (except for long weekends) until May 27. For more information, please visit our hours page.

Additional Time to Explore

Your school booking includes your scheduled program or tour, plus one hour in the Museum for you to freely visit the Israel Asper Tower of Hope, the Museum Boutique, or any other galleries of interest.

Self-Guided Tours

We offer self-guided tours, which are available to high school students only, due to the fact that certain exhibits may not be appropriate for visitors under the age of 12. We suggest downloading our mobile app for an enriched self-guided tour. Please note that all schools and organized groups must book in advance.

Multiple Groups and Group Sizes

The Museum can accommodate several groups of students at a time. The maximum number of students per program varies between 18 to 25 students as there are capacity limitations around certain exhibits and interactives. If your group is larger, we recommend that you call us to discuss options such as staggered start times.

School Programs

Grades K-4

My Rights, Our Rights

Length: 90 minutes

Discover rights and learn to respect each other's rights through song and movement, using a child-friendly version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Grades 4–6

Telling Our Stories: Residential School Experiences

Length: 90 minutes

Through storytelling, explore the truth and legacy of Canada’s Indian residential schools. Survivors share their first-hand experiences and inspire students to act on reconciliation and make positive change.

Grades 5–8

Be an Upstander

Length: 90 minutes

Learn about the journeys of human rights defenders and explore what it means to become an upstander, through interactive activities and exhibits.

Grades 5–12

Perspectives on Human Rights in Canada

Length: 90 minutes

Discover Canada's ongoing human rights stories by taking part in hands-on kinesthetic learning experiences.

Grades 9–12

First Peoples' Rights in a Changing Canada

Length: 90 minutes

Gain an understanding of and respect for Indigenous world views on rights and responsibilities, and talk about opportunities for reconciliation.

Grades 9–12

When Rights are Denied

Length: 120 minutes

Witness a range of historical and contemporary world events and stories that explore what can happen when human rights are denied.

Grades 9–12

Debating Rights

Length: 120 minutes

Explore key human rights issues, people and laws that have shaped Canada. Gathered around an interactive table, examine different perspectives on important human rights court cases.

Grades 11–12

Women's Equality

Length: 120 minutes

Explore gender stereotypes and how these challenges continue to persist today in spite of many positive changes for women in Canada.

School Tours

Grades 5–8

Museum Highlights (Grades 5–8)

Length: 90 minutes

Designed for ages 10–14, this tour explores highlighted galleries that take you on a human rights journey through Canada and the world.

Grades 9–12

Museum Highlights (Grades 9–12)

Length: 120 minutes

Designed for ages 14–17, this tour explores highlighted galleries that take you on a human rights journey through Canada and the world.

Grades 9–12

Rights and Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Length: 120 minutes

Experience stories, perspectives and a 360-degree film that inspire students to take a positive role in reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Grades 9–12

Self-guided Museum Tour for Schools

Length: 120 minutes

Explore the Museum through a self-guided tour. Please note this is only available to high school students.

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How to prepare for your class visit

Once you’ve confirmed your school visit, make sure to read about how you should prepare for your visit and maximize your experience at the Museum.